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NOTE:  We are on the WEST side of Columbus.  Be  sure to use GALLOWAY, OH, for the CITY on your GPS address.

FROM THE SOUTHWEST:  STAY ON I -71 UNTIL YOU GET TO THE I-270 OUTERBELT.  Ignore any GPS instructions which would send you on any small country roads west of Grove City that are hard for RV's to maneuver.  

FROM THE COLUMBUS OUTER BELT:   From the junction of I-270 and W Broad St. (US-40, Exit 7 or 7B on the west side of Columbus, go west 3 miles on US-40, W Broad St.  We are on the right (North).

FROM THE WEST:  From the junction of I-70 and SR-142 (Exit 85) turn right and go south 2.2 miles on SR-142 to National Road, US-40.  Turn left and go east 4.1 miles.  We are on the left (north).

FROM THE EAST:  From the junction of I-70 and Hilliard Rome Rd (Exit 91A), go south 1.8 miles to W Broad St, US-40, turn right and go west 2 miles.  We are on the right (north).

For reservations call 614-878-9127, e-mail us at info@altonrvpark.com, or see our CONTACT US page

Alton RV Park

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